Useful staging fitted on one side of this 3m wide Keder.

Great use of space with staging down both sides and a centre partition.

You can create separate growing compartments with a partition like on this 3m x 8m.

Two automated roof vents help to control the temperature in this 3m x 8m.

Achieve a much higher yield of healthy crops because of the even light diffusion in a Keder.

Look how much growing space you have in a 3m x 8m Keder!

Raised beds are a great way to create sectioned growing zones in a 3m wide Keder.

Lovely, healthy crops standing to attention in this 3m wide Keder.

Inside a 3m wide Keder with the staging frame being used to support crops.

This 3m wide Keder was built onto existing brickwork.

This bespoke design was created for a unique installation on the Isle of Tiree.

You can even opt to have a stable door!

Our self-build kits are supplied with very clear instructions to make construction as easy as possible.

We can create bespoke structures to suit your requirements and proposed site. 

This impressive 3m x 16m Keder is providing protection from all types of weather.

Our greenhouses can be built on soil or hard standing such as concrete.

A 3m x 10m offers plenty of flexible growing space.

You can opt to have a door at both ends to make access easier and create a through draft.

One of our 3m x 8m 'Domestic' greenhouses in the Hebrides.

Keder greenhouses are suitable for coastal locations.

A 3m x 4m set in a lovely woodland hideaway.

A 3m Keder that has been adapted to fit onto a wall.

A 2m x 6m Keder greenhouse.

2m x 2m with a beautiful backdrop.

Cold frame and greenhouse that have been built onto existing brickwork.

3m x 6m fixed using both hardstanding fixings and ground anchor poles

2 x 8m with roof vent

2 x 6m with staging

2m on allotment

2 x 6m End View rear Vent

2 x 4m Coastal location

2 x 2 m storing the Kids

2m serving a different purpose

Keder insulated Coldframe

3m Keder Greenhouse on the Outer Hebrides

2m x 6m Greenhouse in Scotland

3m Keder Greenhouse for a school gardening project

2m x 2m Greenhouse

Keder Greenhouse on the Isle of Coll Inner Herbrides

Keder Greenhouse fits easily in an urban garden

Inside a Keder greenhouse showing staging

Keder 3m x 8m Greenhouse on a windy croft

3m Keder Greenhouse on a Hebridean Croft

3m Keder Greenhouse in a school garden

2m x 4m nursery install

3m x 8m Carlisle

3m x 8m Carlisle

3m x 6m

Frances Tophil presents 1st prize to the gardening team of the year

RHS competition winners with 1st prize

3m x 2m

3m x 10m Western Isles

Bespoke mobile trailer greenhouse

Greenhouse potting shed under construction

Greenhouse joined to potting shed

3m x 4m

2m x 4m

3m x 4m with Staging

Bespoke Mobile Greenhouse

Auto Roof Vent

Rear Vent

Protection from extreme environments

Planted in the outrigger

3m x 14m Keder Greenhouse

3m x 4m Beautiful but exposed location

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