Winter in Aberdeenshire

I am absolutely delighted with this polytunnel and it has faced a baptism of fire this winter. We live in Aberdeenshire and we had the most terrible winter gales. Our site is very exposed but as you can see, our polytunnel is still there! I think any other polytunnel would have been blown to kingdom come!

After we thought the winter finished, (we ensure no items likely to blow around are outside when we know storms are coming), we had a sudden un-forecast gale. One of our stands for plant trays, made from metal, was thrown at full force into the polytunnel skin and cut it. Given the force of the wind, I think any other polytunnel would have lost its skin at this point - but not our Keder. The split did not get ripped further by the wind and it just took a piece of gaffer tape to repair it.

I am so glad we went with your product. It is worth every penny.

Tip for anyone else installing one, we put the remains of the broken paving stones  we used on our patios on the floor between our beds. They absorb the heat from the sun and keeps everything warm overnight if you live in a northern cold area as we do. Concrete paving slabs should work just as well.

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