Whatever your size requirement, we can accommodate your needs. With either our standard structures or a bespoke design suited to your commercial growing objectives, our wide range of high specification greenhouses can be perfectly tailored to provide an optimum growing environment for your produce.

All Keder Greenhouses are modular, so they can be suitably expanded either by width or length as your business needs grow or alter. We can also provide a Polythene or Keder roof, suitable to meet your growing needs.

All structures are designed on a 2 metre increment spacing for the steel frame and cladding system   Once the frame has been assembled and the profile is secured in position, the Keder Cladding is fed through the profile, tensioned and secured in place.

Our diverse Commercial projects to date range from 6 x 16mt to hectare site coverage. Please click here see our Commercial Gallery, or take a look at our Commercial Case Studies for further successful greenhouse constructions and commercial inspiration.

Our regular structures widths are in either 6 or 8m wide bays, and multiples of or a mixture. All our greenhouses have Included 1, 2m wide top hung door, and Manual operated side vents, Integrated Guttering with down pipes. The greenhouses are 2.1m to the underside of the gutters.

There are a variety of roof styles and systems to choose from weather it is a lower pitched roof for propagating, an extreme braced Dome for snow loading, or a Cathedral style system which includes a higher mid chamber with eve’s high ventilation for optimum air flow.

Flexibly and creating the clients optimal growing environments are what we specialise in. We can adjust our standard structures to meet your needs.

All commercial builds are based on individual customer requirements, there are no commercial build prices displayed on this site. Please complete the form below for a quotation.

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Browse examples of Commercial Builds below

Info Here

Multispan 48m Wide

Keder Greenhouse, the perfect Growing environment

Keder Fern House at Fernatix

Three Bay Keder Growing House

Twycross Zoo Butterfly House

50m long Greenhouse

8m with Porch and Double doors

8x16m with Double outriggers, making it super strong

Greenhouse on top of Containers, using space successfully

Single Span 8m with Domed roof

Twinspan Netted Ireland