Multispan 48m wide

Albrighton Tust opening ceromony with Steve Bull

Albrighton Trust 6 x 10m

6m x 20m

6 x 18m with outriggers South Uist

6m x 20m

Strength test

Multi Bay Keder Growing House

Keder Greenhouse roof vent and hanging basket production

Tom Hart-Dyke in Keder Greenhouse, Lullingstone Castle

Oriental Vegetable Production in a Keder Growing House

Keder Growing House - a larger growing space

Keder Growing House with Roof Vent System

Keder Greenhouse Roof Vent System

Keder Greenhouse - perfect growing environment

Keder Fern House at Fernatix

Multi Bay Commercial Keder Growing House

Multi bay 8m Keder Canopy at Batsford Arboretum

Keder Greenhouse Vent System Fully Opened

Keder Vent System fitted to a Keder Growing House

4 x 20 m Keder Greenhouse on a Smallholding

Three Bay Keder Growing House

Keder greenhouse for Commercial Organic Vegetables

Multispan with Cathedral Vents

Netted vents wind and pest protection

Keder / Fruitcage 6 x 14m

Twycross Zoo

Multispan 32m wide

Twycross Zoo Butterfly House

Six Bay Keder Growing House

Greenhouse 50m long

8m with porch and double doors

Greenhouse porch


9 bay inside view under construction

9 bay end view

8 x 16m with double outriggers super strong. Built to withstand the wildest weather Northern Scotland can experience

The outrigger

Pop Brixton Greenhouse and Container community

Greenhouse on top of Containers using space successfully

Single span 8m wide domed roof

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  • DIY Install only available on the 2m and 3m width ranges