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What a time it has been, we have been working hard to keep our customer happy, and they are indeed very happy. Our Gardener Range of 2m wide and 3m wide DIY/Self assembly kits are as popular as ever, in all corners of the UK and beyond. Click here to make your enquiry.

Keder Greenhouse are the specialist designers, engineers and manufacturers of the best and strongest protected growing environments available, this highly cost effective alternative to traditional glasshouses is not only significantly safer it is also much longer lasting. Our Keder Cladding is far stronger and more significantly more durable than polytunnels. Typically a Keder Greenhouse will last over 25 years with minimal maintenance. Click here to see a comparison between Keder and other alternatives.

Our advanced celular cladding provides fully diffused light, no shadowing, warmth and strength. It withstand the winds of the Falkland Islands, the snows of the Scottish Highlands, and the soaring summer temperatures of mainland Europe.

Our Small Holder and Commercial Ranges, are extemley succesful and we have recently completed some great project across the UK, supporting many growers and they expand and diversify. They only want the best, and they purchase a Keder Greenhouse, the choice is clear.

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