Our Quality Custom Built Greenhouse Kits

At Keder Greenhouse, we aim to provide a range of greenhouse design and build solutions, which offer additional benefits to a polytunnel greenhouse.

Our quality polytunnel greenhouse range has been designed to accommodate any individual requirement, for both domestic and commercial projects. We can adapt structures to suit diverse sizes, locations and growing needs. Whether you are searching for small garden polytunnels or a large polytunnel greenhouse, we have the expertise and materials to manufacture the ideal growing environment for you.

For further information on our domestic range, please see Enthusiastic Gardeners, for further information on our commercial range, please see Commercial Growers.

Our standard or custom built polytunnels for sale can be assembled with care by our experienced construction team. Alternatively, we have DIY greenhouse kits available for you to manage your own greenhouse project.

A Keder Greenhouse provides the optimum growing environment – an extremely practical solution for your unique growing needs. To speak to a member of our team about your greenhouse requirements, contact us here.

You can also call us for a discussion on: 01386 49094, or email us at: sales@kedergreenhouse.co.uk.