Ideal Wind Resistant Greenhouses for Passionate Gardeners

A tailored Keder Greenhouse design and installation provides the optimum outdoor growing environment, in which fruit and vegetables can grow healthy and strong, and colourful flowers can blossom.

What are Wind Resistant Greenhouses?

Our durable, Wind Resistant Greenhouses provide the opportunity to consistently grow throughout the year, in today's unpredictable climate. With our unique Keder Cladding system, not only will our greenhouses completely extend your growing season, but the material of our products mean that they can also withstand high winds, cold temperatures, ice and snow. Our builds are renowned for protecting your crops throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, including the Hebridean, Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Take a look at what some of our happy customers say about their Keder installations and how they live up to their name throughout extreme weather conditions, by viewing our Case Studies.


Why are our Wind Resistant Greenhouses different to Regular Greenhouses?

Our unique range of constructions tick many boxes in providing an outdoor growing environment, where your crops can thrive. Here are just a few reasons our unbeatable greenhouses can benefit the way you grow:

- Keder Greenhouses have a life expectancy of minimum of 15 years plus

- They require almost no maintenance

- You do not need to shade them, the light is diffused so no scorching

- The Cladding ensures no shadows are cast so plants do not struggle for light

- The heat retention is superb – it is like a duvet for your plants

- Our steel tube is galvanised inner and outer, making it exceptionally strong – steel tube usually rusts from the inside out, but not if galvanised from the inside like Keder

- Greenhouses are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the strongest of winds

- They are completely safe – there is nothing to shatter, unlike glass greenhouses

- If accidentally damaged, they can be repaired just by the damaged section

- They can be extended, or altered as your growing needs change


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