Our frames for domestic greenhouses are manufactured using a high quality, structual steel to ensure your new build remain stable, durable and corrosion-free. With the Keder Greenhouse steel tube material sourced from UK manufacturers, each and every batch has full traceability.

In addition, all brackets are manufactured and plated in the UK, specifically for our Keder Greenhouse structures.

Additional features include Hoop spacing, which is standardised at every 2 meters across the full range of structures, and Cross bracing on every hoop isprovided as standard.


Galvanised Steel Tube Details

All greenhouse frames are manufactured from ZN35 high tensile structural steel, weld repaired tubing, (weld repair being of molten Zinc) and a 31.75mm diameter. These steel tube frames are pre-galvanised inside and out, to provide a corrosion free structure, to last for many years. This means our steel tubing is almost twice as strong when in comparison to standard steel tube. Please take a look at the diagram below, demonstrating how our galvanised steel tubes are manufactured to provide the ideal greenhouse framework:


Steel Frame Specifics

Its' minimum typical mechanical values, compared against normal materials (demonstrated in brackets) are as follows:

Zn35 Minimum Yield* strength 350 N/mm2 (Normal steel (Zn2) Minimum 200N/mm2)

*Yeild means pressure

Zn35 Minimum Tensile* strength 450 N/mm2 (Normal steel (Zn2) minimum 300N/mm2)

*Tensile means maximum pressure it can take before failure

If you have any enquiries on our Keder Greenhouse Frames or the galvanised tube process, please contact us for further information.