How to decide on the Best Location for a Greenhouse in your Garden

Garden Greenhouses are invaluable for creating a growing environment for various plants and seedlings that need that extra layer of protection. There are many different Greenhouse structures, designs, shapes and sizes to choose from, so it is important that you consider your unique growing needs before you buy greenhouse supplies and kits.


Where to Position a Greenhouse for Optimum Results

Deciding on your new Greenhouse location can make the difference between average productions to excellent growing success. With careful siting in your garden, it should be possible to optimize the overall productivity of your structure, which will not only be more efficient for you as a gardener, but it will also justify the space it takes up within the garden.

Now, you may be thinking that there is only one logical place that you can locate the greenhouse. But, depending on your garden size, if you do have a choice of location, it is well worth giving it the best possible position. It may seem like a shame to sacrifice your prime location or an already productive spot in the garden, but you are sure to see the increased benefits from protected growing with careful siting and a quality greenhouse specification.


How to Site a Greenhouse

It would be useful to think about your goals in terms of your protecting growing structure – what will be the needs of your crops? If you are planning to grow all year round, raise seedlings or overwinter tender plants, you will need a spot with maximum light and sunshine, away from any known frost or wind pockets.

See our five essential pointers below on how to plan the positioning and site your Keder Greenhouse:


- Close enough to the house for regular visits for watering, maintenance, seeding, crop collection

- Ensure you select a spot in the garden that does not block any near-by doors, paths and exits

Easy Access

- Ensure at least 1m space around the structure, to be able to easily enter and exit when needed

- Remember to allow for opening and closing windows, doors and ventilation systems

Level ground

- Avoid putting your greenhouse on a slope, if possible

- Staging inside must be horizontal so this makes the process much more simple

Good light

- Avoid placing directly under trees and shelters, this will allow the maximum amount of lighting to enter the environment

- Placing under shelter can encourage unwanted leaves to fall on top of the roofing and the shade can also lead to algae building up

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