Cold Frame

One of our latest products, the Keder Cold Frame.

Measuring 2m x 2m it is designed and engineered using the same high specification materials as our acclaimed Keder Greenhouses. The flexibility and versatility of a Keder Cold Frame enables gardeners and growers, from amateurs through to professionals, to take advantage of its features and benefits.

  • Provides a dedicated space for prorogation
  • Excellent for hardening off and acclimatizing plants and crops
  • Can be easily moved around within the garden or vegtable plot
  • Variable opening mechanism
  • Great introductions to greenhouse growing
  • Does not require planning permission

Utilising the proven Keder Cladding systems, the Keder Cold Frame has excellent insulation and heat retention properties, for full technical details please click here, which enables growers to start planting earlier and extend the growing season as well as having a dedicated space for propagating, hardening off and acclimatising plants.

Being only 2m x 2m the unit is easily moved around to make the most of your growing space, allotment or vegetable patch.

The Keder Cold Frame can be located directly on the ground, (soil, grass, or hard standing) or as part of a raised bed construction with such as a wooden or brick base frame, which ever the grower prefers and has available. When closed, the Cold Frame is about 850mm high, and when fully open is about 2m high.

As growers ourselves we were very clear about the need for an efficient cold frame, so when we designed it flexibility was key. Ensuring that growers and gardeners could take advantage and maximise its use.



6 Keder Cold Frames, in a row, set on a block base, as one open space underneath.


Keder Cold Frame set on a small raised wooden base.


2 Keder Cold Frames, as Keder HQ, set directly on the ground next to each other.

Our Keder Cold Frames are design for DIY/Self assembly, supplied on a single pallet and comes complete with a full set of instructions.

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