Designed for the garden enthusiast, these 2m and 3m wide Keder greenhouses are ideal for small to medium sized gardens. Extendable in 2m lengths. Suitable for locating on a base of compacted soil, grass or hardstanding. Specialised xing methods provided.

Greenhouse Enquiry 3m

Main details
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  • the installation fee of £514.00 is based on a standard level and flat grass/ soil site. Please note travel will be additional on a round trip basis.
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  • All our staging is available in 2m lengths The staging for the 2m wide greenhouse is 50cm wide 3m wide greenhouses have 75cm wide as standard
  • Some may find it beneficial to have a door both ends, this can done at no extra cost, please note though you will lose the rear manual vent if you choose 2 doors
  • Our 2 and 3m wide greenhouses have a door opening of 92cm, there is as standard a base rail in the door which may be removed if required for Wheelchair access.
  • Roof vents are automatic and operate on a wax piston, so no electricity required, we would recommend 1 every 4m in length.