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Purchasing a greenhouse should be considered an investment and to get the best return on yur investment you should purchase a Keder Greenhouse. Not only can they withstand high winds (140mph), excessive snow build up, hail and other elements that mother nature has to offer, they are also significantly stronger and far more robust that regular polytunnels and a lot safer than glass houses. Combined this with British manufacturing, in rural Worcestershire, and high quality parts, a Keder Greenhouse will last over 20 years.

Typically with a traditional polytunnel, they will need reskinning every 3 or 4 years (subject to the weather) and their frames can easily buckle and twist. So when considering the typical life span of a Keder Greenhouse of approx 20 years, you will have to re skin a polytunnel, purchase new tubes and then strip it back an rebuild it. This is not only costly but also time consuming, time you would rather spend tending your plants and crops. In some instances the will blow away and require complete replacement. When all these costs and time are factored in a Keder Greenhouse is a much better return on your investment.

Added to this customer tell us:

  • The cost of heating is reduced
  • Annual maintenance is minimal
  • Crop yeild is higher
  • Quality of produce is better

To place your order, request a quote or just ask some questions, either give us a call on 01386 49094, send us an email  or make an enquiry:



As the leading greenhouse manufacturer in the UK, Keder Greenhouses are made from British high tensile galvanised steel forming the structure and the patented Keder cladding material. Keder Greenhouses are able to withstand the toughest and harshest of conditions that the weather has to offer; winds of 140 mph, dry snow over 2 meters deep, intense rain and hail, prolonged temperature below zero. Keder Greenhouses have survived all of these and more.

With two widths in our Gardener Range, 2m and 3m, the length typically goes to 10m and 16m respectivly. We can go longer (in 2m sections) but this would be priced separatley.

Starting at £1,972.00 for the 2m wide and £2,315.00 for the 3m wide, to acheive the most optimum price and size we would recommend the 6m long option on both.

A price summary is below:

2m wide Gardener Range

  • 2m x 6m - £3,127.00

3m wide Gardener Range

  • 3m x 6m - £3,644.00

The above prices are inclusive of VAT and UK mainland delivery (separate priced for delivery elsewhere) They do not incude any optional extras or accessories and are for self build kits. We are happy to quote separatley for our team to install your new Keder Greenhouse if you would like.

Prices are valid till 31 March 2024. However price may change at short notice without prior notification. Please contact us on 01386 49094 for the very latest pricing. 

All Keder Greenhouse self assembly kits come complete with a full set of instructions and a walk through DVD, which is also available on our website.

As with any top of the range product there are a selection of options and accessories (at extra cost) to help you get the most out of your new greenhouse:

  • Automatic Roof Vents
  • Side Staging
  • Through Access Doors (FOC Uopgrade)
  • Extreme Bracing Kits
  • Aphid Netting
  • Crop Rails
  • Extensions
  • Partitions
  • Premium Grade Ground Covering

All Keder Greenhouses are designed and manufactured to give maximum strength, even in the harshest climate and locations. Our cladding material is exceptionally strong, durable and long lasting, it diffuses the light and insulates, without you having to do anything. Combined with the galvanised steel we use (being high tensile steel) longevity of your greenhouse is assured.

Manufactued in the heart of rural Worcestershire, Keder Greenhouses are designed to combine strengh and space, giving the grower the best of both worlds. Together they ensure the grower has the optimum combination for a greenhouse that will last many many years. With constant maintenance being a thing of the past with our structures.

We manufacture every greenhouse to order, at our Worcestershire facility, this ensures our quality never disappoints.

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  • DIY Install only available on the 2m and 3m width ranges