Domestic / Enthusiastic

The Keder range of Domestic Greenhouses has been developed over many years for you, the dedicated enthusiast and smallholder. All greenhouse structures have been designed based on our long standing and succesful commercial building experience, supported knowledge of the greenhouse growing industry of over 25 years.

We have developed and enhanced our designs to be extreme weather tolerant, be a comfortable working environment and give your plants and crops the ideal environment.

We are the only UK provider of the unique Keder cladding system used on all our greenhouses. A system that is stronger, safer, and very low maintenance, gives superb thermal properties to increase your plant cultivation and growth. We are the proven alternative to Polytunnels or Glass. With Keder Greenhouses located in the harshest of evironments including the Falklands Keder Greenhouses can withstand, wind, rain and snow!!

You can be assured we know our onions when it comes to growing. We provide the best growing environment for gardeners wanting the highest plant yield year round.