Grow All Year Round with a High Quality Winter Greenhouse

If you are keen on winter gardening, an efficient greenhouse that preserves the heat during the cold climate is ideal. Whether you are interested in growing throughout the year as a hobby, producing your own food from home, raising prized specimens for gardening competitions, or cultivating new crops to market, Keder Greenhouse provides the perfect solution to grow – come rain or snow.

The Benefits of a Keder Greenhouse During the Winter

When you choose to put a protective layer between your garden and the elements, there is a great deal of dedication being put into your growing methods. At Keder, we provide a weather resistant Winter Greenhouse range, specifically manufactured to withstand high winds and cold temperatures. Not only can you rest assured that your crops will be protected right throughout the year, but with our unique manufactured greenhouse materials, they are also simple to maintain during the seasons. Please see our Top Tips for taking care of your Keder.

As Evesham Greenhouse Manufacturers and Suppliers, we can help to provide you with a simple structure that is suitable for a few potted plants, or an elaborate building with custom ventilation systems for a wide variety of growing needs. Whatever your requirements, we can cater to your tailored growing methods and ensure you receive the best Greenhouse for Winter.

Large Commercial Greenhouse                  Domestic Greenhouse Ventilation

Our complete range of high quality Greenhouses are specifically designed with a life expectancy of a minimum of 15 years and can be adjusted or altered as your growing intentions develop over time. In the unlikely event that any part of your greenhouse does become damaged over the course of its life, we can easily and quickly repair just one single section of the build – unlike a regular glasshouse. With an extraordinary cladding system and superb heat retention, your new build will be fully equipped for the unpredictable winter weather. 

For further information on our complete Winter Greenhouse range or installation solutions, please contact our friendly team today on: 01386 49094, or email us at: