Why gardening is becoming a hobby for the young

Gardening is no longer just a hobby for retirement. Millennials and generation z are the new cultivators, green fingered fans. At Keder Greenhouse, we want to celebrate this new wave of eco-warriors and tell you why gardening is becoming a hobby for the young as well as the young at heart.

According to one survey, 2017 saw millennials buy more household plants than their parents. And that trend is growing and expanding into other areas of the gardening world.

This year has seen an increase in the waiting list for allotment plots. The UK currently has 330,000 allotment plots but to meet the demand, the National Allotment Association says it needs a further 90,000 plots.

But why is gardening becoming so trendy?


Social media worthy

There’s no denying that adding a plant to indoor space gives it a different vibe, which is “so Instagram worthy”.

Staging photos, using props and colours are all essential if you want to get those likes, those hearts and eyes on your profile.

You only have to search for #gardening on Instagram to see over 10 million posts with more being published every hour.

Being creative is key when it comes to gathering a following on social media and millennials are getting quirky with the way they garden too.



We’ve had the mindfulness and meditation craze and now gardening lies somewhere between art and therapy.

Gardening allows someone to focus on the task at hand without their mind overthinking life.

Gardening also allows you to reconnect with the earth and all things natural, which has a very relaxing benefits.


Sense of ownership

More young people are living with parents for longer because the cost of living is out of reach. So, whilst they save for a place of their own, then they are looking for ways to fulfil that sense of adulthood and ownership.

Buying household plants or creating ingenious ways to plant is one way that they can feel responsible and in control.


Believe in society

Generation z are said to believe in society and fairness more than any other generation. But what does this mean?

This means, the young people growing up today believe in sharing, collaborating and be supportive of all, no matter their background.

Having an allotment plot is all about belonging to a community so it’s easy to see why this new generation would want to be a part of it.

Grandparents and other relatives often pass on the gardening bug to the next generation too.


Boost brain power

Living or working around plants is proven to boost productivity and creativity by 45%. As the younger generation are set to create their own paths, own businesses and more, then extra brain power is definitely something they would want to see.

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