What gardeners should be doing during the autumn season

What gardeners should be doing during the autumn season

The vibrant colours of summer are starting to fade and so is the amount of daylight. As a keen gardener, you have some specific tasks you should be tending to during the autumn months.

Here at Keder Greenhouse, we wanted to highlight the most important tasks for the autumn season to help you prepare your garden for the colder months of winter yet to come.

Light and water

By September, daylight will start to reduce so it’s important that you remove any unnecessary shaded areas. If your pots, greenhouse or shrubbery areas are covered in debris as leaves start to fall then keep them clear.

Pay close attention to any drainage systems you have into your garden so any drain pipes from garages or greenhouses to water butts.

Rain water and light are valuable resources you need in your garden so ensure both can easily access your growing plants.

Tidy time

Autumn is a great time of year to do those tasks you have put off such as scrubbing slabs, tidying your greenhouse supplies or disinfecting areas outdoors.

At home, you might want to pack away the barbecue and outdoor furniture and anything else that might be filling your garden space from the summer months when the children were outdoors playing.

Maintenance duties

After such a scorching summer, you might find your lawn only just returning back to its glorious green colour. This might be accompanied by fallen leaves, moss and weeds. Autumn is a great time to maintain your lawn or replace it with new lawn if you want a fresh look next year.

Compost piles

You might have spent months collecting clippings and old soil and now is the time to use your compost pile and then make space for new compost to be collected.

Evergreen plants

Autumn produces warmer soil and cooler top conditions, which is the ideal formula for those evergreen plants. These are the backbone of your garden shrubbery and include such plants as Camellias and Daphne.

Protect the delicates

As well as planting evergreens, it’s also wise to protect the delicate and tender plant species in your garden. Consider trimming back certain plants and other remove from the ground and re-plant in pots and trays. This makes it easier to store them indoors inside your Keder Greenhouses.

So, from vibrant summer colours in a backdrop of cloudless blue skies, we welcome autumn. This is the time of year to enjoy the changing light, the changing temperatures and the wonderful earthy colours in the trees and on the ground.

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