We built our Keder Greenhouse, it went really well!!

Ian & Claire who recently purchased a 3m x 6m Keder Greenhouse kindly provided the following comment.

"We’ve had several greenhouses and polytunnels over the years but NOTHING like a Keder Greenhouse, it is a premium quality product. We did a lot of research prior to the investment and particularly liked the videos showing the construction process and the materials used."

Claire continued. "Following the recent storms we decided to invest in a strong stormproof greenhouse that is built to last. Keder Greenhouse have not disappointed. Although the built option is reasonably priced, we opted for self-build and phased the construction over several weeks in between working and weekends."

Ian commented about the build process. "You need a few tools and should be fairly confident with construction but the guide and videos provided make installation a really rewarding process. Don’t rush, plan out the build, take your time, and you’ll end up with something to love."

They both said. "Once built, it is SO BRIGHT inside you might need sunglasses when the sun is shining!! The plants LOVE it, the temperature is perfect. The auto-vent, crop rails, and staging are brilliant upgrades - we went for all of them and couldn’t live without them now."

"Pre- and post-sales support is second to none - a genuinely friendly, professional British company, with products built to last. Thank you Keder!" They concluded.

Now, a few months later the inside of the Keder Greenhouse is looking great.


2 images of the inside of Claires Keder Greenhouse after a few weeks.




2 images, one showing the frame wating for the cladding and one just as it is finished.

Well done Claire & Ian!!

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