Vital Veg 4 x 14

Vital Veg 4 x 14

Vital Veg Business is Thriving!

Further Greenhouse Expansion to their Protected Growing Environment


Vital Veg is a Scottish company established in 2005 who specializein growing seasonal organic vegetables. The company is run by Dr. Wendy Seel (nominee in the BBC food and farming awards) and Dr. Anne Taylor.

The company are renowned for the supply of fantastic, organic, home-grown vegetables in mixed boxes, delivered straight to customers doors.

In 2008, Vital Veg purchased a Keder Greenhouse for growing in a protected environment 6m x 26m.


In 2009, Vital Veg initiated a Keder Greenhouse Expansion. The original growing environment was expanded to become a Twinspan Greenhouse, with the addition of an 8m x 26m bay.

Commercial Greenhouse

During 2015, a further structure has been added, introducing a 4m x 14m Keder Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Expansion

Dr. Wendy Seel said the following, regarding their decision to purchase another Keder for their Greenhouse Expansion:

"Vital Veg grow a wide range of organic vegetables 16 miles west of Aberdeen in North East Scotland. Keder Greenhouses were an obvious choice given the need for growing spaces that will stand up to the extreme weather conditions in this area. Heavy snowfalls and high winds are common, along with very low temperatures. The extra degrees conferred by the Keder Greenhouse material is extremely valuable for over-wintered indoor salad crops, and for jump-starting the season in the spring when temperatures outside are still very low."

Greenhouse Expansion

Dr Wendy See continued, "We have been back to Keder Greenhouse for two additional houses since the first was installed. The reasons why we come back and have not gone to another supplier are the fact that the houses live up to their claims – they are very durable, and give a great growing environment. Apart from the extra degrees, the diffuse nature of the light in the house is very beneficial to the crops. In addition to the excellent product, Keder Greenhouse provide a service second to none. The houses have always been erected beautifully with no snags. The team who put the houses up are a delight to work with, and after sales service is superb. In an extreme winter with very heavy snow lying for weeks, our 8m wide tunnel showed signs of stress in some stantions due to several feet of compacted snow on the roof. We called Keder (who are 600 miles away) and they were on the road to us within a couple of hours, despite atrocious weather,  and they resolved the issue. The house survived with no problems while many local polytunnels, and several cattle/grain sheds, collapsed."

Greenhouse Ventilation

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