Time to reap what you sow: What’s your greenhouse producing?

Time to reap what you sow: What’s your greenhouse producing?

Time to reap what you sow: What’s your greenhouse producing?

It’s been four months since we talked about the best time to sow the seeds of your produce (with our blog entitled ‘Ready, Set, Sow!’) now we’re asking you, is it time to reap what you sowed?

At Keder Greenhouse, we want to see your photos, hear about the recipes you’re cooking up with the freshly grown crop you are now reaping.

How many of you are excited about your first harvest? Let us help you celebrate the success of your first produce.


Sunflowers flourishing

Many parts of the UK have been fortunate enough to have an abundance of sunlight and warm weather so far this year. So if you planted those sunflower seeds you’re likely to have a garden lined with the brightly big-headed flowers.

How tall did your sunflowers grow? Do take a photo and mention ‘Keder Greenhouse’ on social media and share with us your beautiful flowers.



Did you manage to grow any herbs to add to those late summer BBQs? Some of the most popular homegrown herbs including basil, which goes great with some chicken and tomato salad, and chives which are perfect to add to a sour cream dip.

What herbs did you grow this summer?


Fast growing produce

In April, we talked to you about the fast growing produce that will yield a quick reward such as cucumber plants. If you’re cucumber plants are sprouting more cucumbers than you can use then why not share them with friends or family. Alternatively, add a produce for sale table outside your home with an honesty box for visitors to make donations in exchange for produce.

Remember, some produce work well in juices, smoothies and can even be frozen for later on too.


Other produce you might start to reap

Depending on when you started sowing, you may find green tomatoes starting to appear on the vines or perhaps spring onions popping out of the soil.

Prime strawberry harvest took place last month and you may still be finding delicious and fruity treats on your plants too.

These are just some of the many crops and produce you are likely to be reaping during August and September. Keep an eye out for growth and trim back those leaves to avoid missing fully grown produce that might be tucked away.


And remember...

Don’t forget, no matter if it’s sow season or reaping time, keep your greenhouse tidy and in order. This will allow you to maintain a healthy year-round harvest and avoid the pitfalls of your greenhouse going into disrepair.

Take a look back at our blog on bugs, pests and insects to remind yourself how to keep your greenhouse healthy and pest free too.

So, what’s your greenhouse produced? Share your stories, photos and more with Keder Greenhouse on social media.

We want to hear more from you about the recipes you’ve created as a result of growing your own from your greenhouse.