The six benefits to gardening

The six benefits to gardening

There are so many benefits to gardening that here at Keder Greenhouse, we wanted to just highlight six of them.

Some benefits are physical and some improve your mental health. Just a little light gardening every day can help you achieve these benefits.

Let’s get started...

Relieve stress

Gardening is not a race. It is an activity that you can go at your own pace. It’s a place where you can enjoy total peace and quiet or opt to enjoy an audio book or radio show.

Whilst gardening you can be mindful, which helps you relax and clear your mind of any other thoughts.

This will reduce the level of stress hormones in your body to allow you to feel relieved. Gardening is an activity that you can do when you want. So, if you want to start the day off feeling relaxed then you can get outdoors in the early morning or if you prefer, you can break your day up with a mid-afternoon gardening spruce. Alternatively, end your day unwinding with a bit of pottering.


You might not feel like it but gardening can be a work out as well as a relaxing activity. Gentle exercise can have a huge benefit on your health.

In fact, three hours of moderate gardening exercise equates to one hour in the gym.

Healthy eating

If you have a Keder Greenhouse then why not grow your own produce. Gardening can provide you with key nutrients and a healthy eating habit.

You will become more conscious about a healthy diet if you grow your own produce.

Brain function

Gardening is great for your mental health in many ways. In fact, gardening can help keep your brain healthy. Daily gardening activity can reduce the likelihood of dementia by 36%.

Vitamin D

Get your daily dose of vitamin by being outdoors and exposed to natural sunlight. Having a vitamin D deficiency can leave you susceptible to numerous conditions including type 2 diabetes.

Having regular exposure to natural light and sunshine will help keep your vitamin D topped up.

Social or solo

Gardening is such a flexible leisure activity that it can be something you do alone or you can make it a social past time.

If you prefer the solitude, then gardening at home might be the answer. If you prefer social occasions then perhaps look out for allotment spots or community gardening projects.

So, that’s our top six benefits for gardening but we would love to hear from you about the benefits that you get from gardening too.

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