Gardener and growers have a simple, but important, requirement;

  • 'To have the best possible environment for their crops and plants to grow. Giving them the best opportunity to grow strong and healthy with a high yield on each harvest.'


Getting a Keder Greenhouse provides this and more, some customer comments:

  • "I have Keder in the Falkland Islands and we have a lot of wind and high UV levels. Our Keder Greenhouse is 12 years old and still going strong. I can highly recommend. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The cover is still strong and showing no signs of UV damage (other tunnels have gone brittle or blown apart with the wind)."
    MM, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic

  • "Thank you, we are so pleased with our Keder Greenhouse. Highly recommended. At 8am (12/01/21) our Keder was showing 0 degrees C, 2 hours later it was 24 degrees C - wow!!"
    JG, Isle of Harris, Hebrides, Scotland

  • "In my Keder Greenhouses, even when it’s very windy, I can garden in my slippers!”
    MM, South Uist Crofter, Hebrides, Scotland

  • "Installation Team - Brilliant and helpful.vThe light level quality is amazing and it holds temperatures better, less variations. So strong & robust, boy the wind has blown this year but inside the Keder Greenhouse is a calm growing environment. It’s just a great growing environment, what are you waiting for?"
    SP, Gardener, Cornwall, England

You can read lots more reviews on our Facebook Page and Checkatrade.

Inside photos of Keder Greenhouse Gardener Range

In order to acheive this high standrad and strength, all our products are designed and engineered to provide a extensive range of benefits for the grower:

  • Extreme weather resistant (140 mph+ winds)
  • Strong to withstand large snow build up
  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Fully galvanised steel frame
  • 10-year UV guarantee on the cladding
  • Technical advanced 9 layer cladding
  • Strongest cladding available
  • Safest greenhouse or polytunnel available
  • Considerably reduced winter heating costs
  • Outstanding heat retention
  • Superb light transmission
  • No shadowing
  • Ultra low maintenance

With Keder Greenhouses located throughout England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland (Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland), as well as further afield across Northern and Southern Europe, Scandanavia, the Mediteranian and the Falkland Islands for over 25 years our greenhouses have stood the test of time.

Each greenhouse is made to order at our HQ in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, ensuring that each greenhouse kit has the attention it and the customer deserves.We started over 30 years ago as growers ourselves and are still a family business. We manufacture as much as possible on site, buying in raw materials so we have greater control over our supply chain. Where possible we source components from the local and regional economy. This takes effort but is worth it in the long run.

To read some more of our customer case studies, click here. Our self assembley DIY Kits are straight forward to assemble, click here to watch a video.

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