Salad for supper from the Keder greenhouse

Inside views

Inside views

Inside Layouts

6m x 18m with outriggers in South Uist growing beetroot, dwarf beans, carrots and gherkins

4m x 12m Isle of Man growing lettuce, french climbing beans, carrots and purple mangetout with marigold as companion planting

4m x 12m with a partition in the outer Hebrides growing cabbage and seedlings

4m x 10m Ryton organic gardens growing chilis, blackcurrants and courgettes with companion planting

4m x 10m near Achiltbuie growing using Hydroponics Salad leaves and herbs that are supplied to the public and local pubs

Greenhouse in bloom

4m x 6m Scotland growing courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, strawberries and salad leaves under the staging shelving

4m x 6m Isle of Man Sulby School Growing courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce with a nectarine on a espalier framework. See their story in case studies