What do you use yours for? A Keder does not have to be just for plants.

A closer look at a Fruit Cage built onto a Keder.

This 6m x 14m Keder has a Fruit Cage built onto it.

Aphid netting on the side vents helps to prevent 'pests' getting in!

Another 6m wide twinspan from our Smallholder Range.

This Keder twinspan offers a massive 216m square of growing space. What could you do with that?

Choose the dome shaped roof for heavy snow load and wind resistance.

The dome shaped roof with extreme bracing is recommended if you live in a high wind area.

This is what the 4m x 6m from our Smallholder Range looks like.

A door on both ends can be a very useful option to consider.

The outrigger system makes the side of the greenhouse it is on, super wind tolerant, almost aerodynamic.

An outrigger does not need to be the full length of the greenhouse.

Outriggers provide additional, protected growing space at a lower temperature than the main greenhouse.

Super strong twin span

4m x 12m

4m Keder Greenhouse with vent netting

Building the outrigger

4m Keder greenhouse at a National Trust garden

Keder Greenhouse fruitcage 6m x 14m

Keder Greenhouse in school gardening club


4m x 8m

Hebridean Keder Greenhouse

4m x 10m in an extreme environment

4m x 6m Keder on a slope

Keder greenhouse sites easily on a hillside

Large Keder Greenhouse at Lochside

Keder greenhouse for therapeutic gardening in an urban garden

Kederhouse fruitcage

4m x 18m with outriggers

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