Room to sit and admire your crops in this 4m wide Keder.

Wow, this is a very tidy plant house!

Additional growing space, protected but at a lower temperature than the main greenhouse.

 Outriggers are ideal for hardening off / storage etc.

Our staging comes in two different sizes for the best use of space.

A little bit of mud doesn't stop our lads!

Deep raised beds look great in this 6m wide Keder.

Our installation team are happy to demonstrate how strong our staging is.

Maximise your space with central and side staging at different levels.

A great harvest of lovely, healthy plants thanks to the excellent light diffusion in the Keder.

A great shot of a 6m wide Keder interior.

Two sizes of staging are available to create a tiered growing space.

Useful raised beds have been added by this customer.

Just ground planting in this 4m wide Keder.

Salad for supper from the Keder greenhouse

Inside views

Inside views

Inside Layouts

6m x 18m with outriggers in South Uist growing beetroot, dwarf beans, carrots and gherkins

4m x 12m Isle of Man growing lettuce, french climbing beans, carrots and purple mangetout with marigold as companion planting

4m x 12m with a partition in the outer Hebrides growing cabbage and seedlings

4m x 10m Ryton organic gardens growing chilis, blackcurrants and courgettes with companion planting

4m x 10m near Achiltbuie growing using Hydroponics Salad leaves and herbs that are supplied to the public and local pubs

Greenhouse in bloom

4m x 6m Scotland growing courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, strawberries and salad leaves under the staging shelving

4m x 6m Isle of Man Sulby School Growing courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce with a nectarine on a espalier framework. See their story in case studies