What is the lead time, for installation?

For an installation of a greenhouse typically within 4 weeks of order confirmation, for larger projects or full commercial typically within 2 months.

What makes your greenhouses different to something else I can buy?

Our greenhouses have a life expectancy of 15 - 20plus years minimum. They require almost no maintenance You don’t need to shade them, the light is diffused so no scorching. The cladding ensures no shadows are cast so plants don’t struggle for light. The heat retention is superb – It’s like a duvet for your plants Our steel tube is galvanised inner and outer – Steel tube rusts from the inside out, but not if galvanised on the inside. Our steel is exceptionally strong They are designed and manufactured to withstand the strongest wind speeds experienced in the whole of the United Kingdom, including the islands. Hebridian, Orkney and Shetland. They are safe, there is nothing to shatter. If accidently damaged they can be repaired just by the damaged section. They can be extended.

How is the greenhouse secured?

4m wide and above greenhouses have foundation as standard, these are 50cm cubed blocks at every 2m point around the base of the greenhouse.

Who does the foundation work?

We do.

Can I move the greenhouse?

Yes but please be aware the 4m wide and larger greenhouses can be moved but as they have foundations would require specialist Keder knowledge to do so.

How much room do you need around the greenhouse to be able to build it?

4m wide and above greenhouse builds must have a minimum of 1m clear access all around the structure for movement of mechanical equipment I.e. mini digger, with good access for vehicles.

What ventilation options are there?

4m wide and above greenhouses have manual drop down side vents as standard, which can be upgraded to electric thermostatically controlled if required. This system of opening from the top down ensures the best ventilation that removes excess heat faster than bottom up ventilation as heat rises. This system also means that the soil at ground level is no dried out, too quickly. Should you be looking at a multi-bay option we can look to lift the mid bay higher than the outer bay to allow eves heights vents also, we call this our cathedral system.