Preparing your greenhouse for winter

Preparing your greenhouse for winter

Preparing your greenhouse for winter

If you’re noticing a crisp feel to the air then you’ll realise that autumn is here and that means winter is only around the corner. So, how do you prepare your greenhouse for winter? At Keder Greenhouse, we’ve got some handy tips for you to follow…


Winter clean

This is a bit like a spring clean. A winter clean will give you a chance to really clear your greenhouse for colder and possibly frosty months.

There’s certain tasks that are difficult to complete when your produce is in full flourish such as cleaning the inside to remove build up of dirt or algae. So, now most of your produce is gone or at least thinning out or trimmed back, it’s time to get a warm soapy bowl out and give that inside and out its glean back.

Daylight hours are beginning to shorten so cleaning inside and out can increase the light and help any produce still grow.

Cleaning away the dirt or algae should be done around every 18 months and will help protect your greenhouse from harvesting pests or diseases and allow more light into your greenhouse too.If your greenhouse is near trees you may need to do this more often

Whilst you have your bowl of warm soapy water why not use it to disinfect empty pots and trays. Clear away any old soil and roots.

Don’t forget your tools too.

In and around your greenhouse you might have fallen leaves so get out the rake to clean up the ground.

If you have a compost bin in your garden then now is the time to clear it out. Use the compost you’ve built up to make room for the next seasons lot to compost.


Repair and fix

If you had breakages, damages or leftover rubbish from the busy seasons of spring and summer then use the quieter autumn and winter months to tidy up.

Throw away broken pots and trays, fix and broken panels or wire/metal structures for your produce vines too.

If your garden has been victim to heavy storms then it would be worth checking bolts and screws are tightly fastened.


Monitor and check

During the winter months, just like the summer, it is wise to check the temperature of your greenhouse. Cool temperatures tend to be lower to the ground so keep delicate plants and produce high on shelves or table tops.

Continue to check for fallen or brown dead leaves and keep your produce plants trim and ripe for producing.


Hardy produce

Sowing and planting does not have to be over till spring though because there are plenty of hardy produce you can start to prepare.Dont forget your Keder will extend the seasons for you

Cabbage, kale and sprouts are ideal for planting this time of year.


Have you started your preparation for winter yet?

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Here’s a re-cap of our preparation for winter tips:

  • Winter clean - clear the inside and out, tidy rubbish away and don’t forget your compost bin
  • Repair and fix - throw away any old or broken pots and trays
  • Monitor and check - regularly check the temperature of your greenhouse
  • Hardy produce - the sowing time doesn’t have to stop just because the weather is getting colder.