Pop Brixton. A community project

Pop Brixton - The New Container Community in London.

So much more than just a group of old shipping containers. Pop Brixton is a project to support local jobs, training and enterprise.

Pop Brixton is a pioneering new space created by the local community to showcase the best and most exciting, independent start-ups and businesses from Brixton and Lambeth, where they can share space, skills and ideas. It is situated on a site that has remained empty for two years and opened on May 29th, 2015.

Pop Brixton will house the next generation of local food and drinks entrepreneurs, retail outlets, workspaces for local business and artists, tech enterprises and a community event space, to be enjoyed by all.

Commissioned by Lambeth Council, Pop Brixton has been designed by award-winning Carl Turner Architects.

Pop Brixton is a place that has come to life through the talents of many local people. Tenants have committed an hour a week to a time-bank for community giveback, which will involve skill sharing with other tenants and the local community. Other initiatives range from Pop Farm – a garden and greenhouse (designed and installed by Keder Greenhouse Ltd) area planted by the local community, through to local artist exhibitions, workshops and an event space with a program orchestrated by tenants. The 200 capacity event space will offer a chance to enjoy a wide range of events, including gigs, screenings and local events curated by local people.

A Bespoke Keeder Greenhouse Installation for Pop Brixton

The Keder Greenhouse was a truely bespoke design and build – specifically designed to be sited on top of the containers at Pop Brixton. The greenhouse will form an atrium over the containers, whilst giving a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the vibe of the total complex. The greenhouse is 8m wide by 24m long and is 2.4m to the underside of the gutters – ensuring ample headroom for the tallest of gardeners and visitors. To ensure the temperature remains comfortable, there have been greenhouse accessories installed, including vents either side of the door opening and a vent measuring 20m long on the opposite side. As the greenhouse is situated in the air, to ensure additional strength double stations and trelly arch trusses were installed.

Keder Greenhouse on top of PoP Brixton Containers  Construction of Keder Greenhouse at PoP Brixton  

The build of the bespoke greenhouse installation took approximately 1 week, once the supporting footings and bracketry were in place. The Keder Greenhouse team worked alongside the Pop Brixton residents to ensure completion on the site in time for the scheduled opening on the 29th May, it was all hands to the pump.

The install was straightforward and working as part of a larger community who were so committed to making the project a success was a great pleasure for the Keder Team.

Greenhouse for Entrepreneurs and Businesses  Bespoke Greenhouse Design and Installation

If you would like further information on a bespoke greenhouse installation, please contact a member of our team today for a discussion. Please call us on: 01386 49094, or email us at: sales@kedergreenhouse.co.uk.

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