New Year’s Resolutions for gardeners

New Year’s Resolutions for gardeners

New Year’s Resolutions for gardeners

We might already be half way through January but hopefully you still have the new year, fresh start feeling. Here at Keder Greenhouse, we wanted to give you some ideas for New Year’s resolutions to help you make the most of your garden in 2018.


Stop putting off the hard stuff!

Many people have an area of their garden or an aspect of their gardening they avoid or hate doing. So, make a resolution to tackle it and stop putting it off. Whether you’ve got a particular stubborn mud patch covered in weeds, or a greenhouse floor full of wilted vines and dirt then it’s time to grab the gloves and get stuck in. Do the hard tasks first before you do the things you love. It’ll make the tasks you enjoy feel more satisfying too.


Try something new

Now you’re out of your comfort zone and tackled the jobs you typically put off for a later that never comes, it’s time to try something new too. Think about planting seeds that you’ve never tried. Maybe there is a plant or produce you thought was too difficult. Well, 2018 is the year to stretch and grow yourself and grow something new in the process.


Make gardening a bonding experience

Have you got a partner, friend or child/grandchild who you’d like to spend more time with? If so, then gardening could be a great way of bonding. Make it a joint activity and pass on your love of gardening to someone you know.


Share your knowledge by giving back

If you’re a green fingered fanatic then why not share your knowledge and expertise by getting involved in community volunteering. There are plenty of community projects that need a keen eyed gardener to help out so just ask around.


Take a trip for inspiration

There are many stately homes with large grounds and gardens plus local botanical gardens to visit so get out there and get inspired. There are also many gardening exhibitions and shows so remember to look out for Keder Greenhouse too.


Enjoy your garden

Don’t just make your garden an item on your to do list to tick off or a weekend task. Make sure this year you take time to enjoy your garden too. Invite family and friends round to enjoy it with you or simply take a book, your breakfast or lunch outdoors and enjoy the sights, smells and (fingers crossed) the sunshine too.


Capture the moments (and movements)

As we work on and in our gardens we can often forget where we started so why not capture the changes in photos and videos. You’ll be able to look back and admire your work and remember where it all began.

And don’t forget, we would love to see your Keder Greenhouse photos too so please share them with us on social media.

So, that’s our tips for gardening New Year’s Resolutions. Which ones will you be following? Tell us on social media, simply search for Keder Greenhouse.