New Year, new windproof greenhouse garden ideas

Christmas is over, the New Year is upon us, and many UK gardens are still covered in snow, ice, or under water, and those that aren’t are probably suffering wind damage. The nights are dark, and the shops are full expensive vegetables and pallid tomatoes with little flavour. It is enough to make you wish for a windproof greenhouse.

Forget the gloom! Now is the perfect time to start planning what you’re going to grow in 2013. First review what you have available- clean your tools, check any old bags of compost, are they still in good condition? Take some time to look over those seeds packets or gardening vouchers you got for Christmas- is there an order of planting to consider?

Then think about what you want to eat. Is this a year to try new flavours, experiment with different varieties, or just keep producing the well loved family favourites? Do you prefer salad crops or traditional vegetables? Soups or stews, or both? If you make a list and then a timeline plan, you will be ready for that first day of warm sunshine.

Windproof greenhouse

If you have a Keder Greenhouse you’re already ahead of the game, and can enjoy a longer growing season. The high quality British steel frame combined with the unique bubble insulation will have stood up to the rigours of even this severe winter, giving you a strong windproof greenhouse. Check it over, brush off any snow from the roof, to allow in more light, and open the vents if you have them. You can start off your seedlings earlier in a Keder Greenhouse, as the growing environment protects your plants from wind, cold and frost, and makes the most of available light at this time of year. The gardener is also protected from the elements!

When the time comes to plant out your thriving salads/veg/flowers in the garden, you will be able to implement stage 2, your next indoor crop. Maybe the second planting will be soft fruits, late cropping tomatoes, or a tender ornamental tree? Because the sides are vertical in a Keder Greenhouse, you have so much more usable room.

Planning your gardening now will ensure you make the most of the growing year, regardless of the weather!

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