Long lasting professional greenhouse

Long lasting professional greenhouse

Cotswold Garden Flowers, based in the Vale of Evesham, bought their first Keder Professional Greenhouse 20 years ago, and it is still in everyday use. The specialist nursery now uses four “tunnel sized” Kederhouses, each for a different plant growing purpose.

Bob Brown, a renowned plantsman, speaker and garden writer, carried out extensive research when he first set up the nursery. He wanted a professional greenhouse that could provide summer and winter protection, while keeping the heating bills low. He chose a Keder Greenhouse system, and has been so pleased with the results, he has since installed three more.

The nursery stocks a huge range of easy to grow and unusual perennials, with some 1800 varieties listed in 2013. Bob aims to offer good old-fashioned plants, which are everyone’s favourites. In addition, he presents new plants bred for colour and form, as well as for vigour. Interesting and unusual plants newly introduced from the wild are a special feature.

Each Keder structure is put to work in a different way. Two are used at the sales site for customers to walk through comfortably, winter and summer, and select their plants. Bob explained, “The easy working height and straight sides allow us to put in more shelves and display more plants, which means we can sell more. Two provide shelter for our slightly tender herbaceous perennials, as we can regulate temperature and humidity. With this system, we can grow what we want all year round, we just wind down the sides for ventilation- you can’t do that with glass or a Polytunnel! My staff find them comfortable to work in, too.”

Bob concluded, “I want to grow plants and not worry about maintenance, and these Keder Greenhouses, even the one we bought 20 years ago, are showing few signs of wear. I would really like to have more of them on site- they tick all the boxes.  I would definitely recommend them; they are such good value and easy to look after and ventilate according to the season. In my view, the Keder Greenhouse is a very good investment.”