Keder greenhouse - Home to Best in Show

To say that Keder greenhouse customer Irene Birse was fond of fuchsias would be a gross understatement. Despite living in what has been described as “the second coldest place in Scotland”, she has been growing countless varieties of fuchsias, both out of doors and in traditional greenhouses, for some 20 years. Irene is now the local Secretary for the Southeast of Scotland Fuchsia Society, part of the British Fuchsia Society.

Having seen a thriving 10 year old Keder greenhouse at the Beechgrove Garden (home of the BBC Scotland TV programme), close to Aberdeen, and heard from other enthusiastic gardeners about its unique qualities, she made up her mind. This summer, Irene had her own 4 x 10 m Keder greenhouse installed in her garden at West Linton, Peeblesshire.

Best Airflow

Irene has been very pleased with her purchase. “This summer has been warm, so I’ve been able to wind down the sides to get the best airflow. Having my fuchsias in the Keder greenhouse means that the insects have been kept away from the delicate flowers and petals, ensuring they keep in tiptop condition for showing.”

“I was thrilled to win Best in Show for the first time this year at The South East of Scotland Fuchsia Society, held in September in Dalkeith. Fuchsias grow quickly, so with more room, the plants can spread out, and develop a better growth and shape. I have some staging around the sides, and bring on standard fuchsias down the middle. We have a short growing season in this part of Scotland, so it was nice to have the space to give my plants the best chance possible, and extend the season.”

“I was also amazed by how quickly and easily the Keder was put up. The team arrived one day, and by the time I got up to make them breakfast next morning, my wonderful new greenhouse was half built! It only took them a few more hours to finish it off, then I left it for a week for the soil to dry out. I’m now really looking forward to seeing how my prize winning plants manage in the winter, and am already planning to fill the space!”

Irene’s verdict? “It’s one of the best buys I’ve made this year, I’m really glad I didn’t put it off.”‎

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