It's All About Finding The Right Greenhouse – Information On Our Greenhouse Pricing

Keder Greenhouse Prices

You will not find our Greenhouse price list on the website, please contact the office, either via the website enquiry form or contact us directly on 01386 49094 or Our Greenhouse Prices are not a secret, but we would rather understand your requirements than just display a generic list.

Why Don't We List The Prices?

Our products are so much more than an off-the-shelf Greenhouse Kit.

We care about your purchase. We want you to buy the ideal Greenhouse for your needs and environment.

We believe the purchase of the right Greenhouse for your growing needs, should always be balanced against cost vs return i.e. growing healthy productive crops in the ideal environment. We can normally assist customers in choosing the ideal structure and accessories through chatting to them. Our roots are in growing. Which means we are able to advise on how best to customise our basic structures to achieve the optimum results from your growing space.

At Keder Greenhouse, We don’t do ‘hard sell’ – ever. We believe in supplying the right product for the individual’s location, needs, requirements and lifestyle.

For further information or to discuss your unique greenhouse needs, please contact a member of our team today on: 01386 49094, or email us at: