How to organise an easter egg hunt in your garden

How to organise an easter egg hunt in your garden

How to organise an easter egg hunt in your garden

Easter Sunday falls on the 1st of April this year so we want to share with you some top tips to organise an easter egg hunt in your garden for the family. Here at Keder Greenhouse, we pride ourselves on helping green-fingered garden fanatics make the most of the outdoors.

As we welcome Spring, this is the perfect opportunity to utilise your garden space for social activities starting with Easter weekend.

Whether you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or neighbours - an easter egg hunt is bound to keep little ones happy and occupied.


Take a digital detox

An outdoor easter egg hunt is a great way to get children to take a digital detox away from their gadgets and technology too. We are all guilty of being glued to our screens, big and small, and the next generation have been born into a world of emojis, video calls and close-up screens.

By organising an easter egg hunt you will be able to get the whole family together, outdoors and disconnected from the apps, social media and world wide web.


Create a route or path around your garden

To get started with the planning of your garden easter egg hunt you might want to consider a route or path or perhaps you would prefer a hunt that is more freestyle.

Remember, children have short attention spans so whatever you decide then make it easy to follow to keep them engaged.

Do a quick safety check around the space to ensure any sharp tools or trip hazards are out of the way.

Don’t forget to consider the height of your little easter egg hunters so don’t put eggs out of reach up high.

If you have started planting for the season ahead you may want to make your Keder Greenhouse off limits for the occasion. Alternatively, you could create a path inside that leads to the main prize - perhaps a golden egg poking out the top of a planter pot.


Get creative

If you are indeed a green-fingered fanatic then you are likely to have a creative side too. So, when it comes to hiding the eggs, marking out the route for X marks the spots then think about how you can use the wealth within your garden.

For instance, do you have some old leaves or petals that could create an X sign on the floor or use them to line a path around the easter egg hunt route in your garden.

Instead of buying plastic easter baskets why not use plant pots and ribbon for handles. This could be something you create with the children before the hunt starts and they could decorate their own baskets too.


Be prepared for the weather

The weather predictions are not always spot on so make sure you are prepared to adapt your easter egg hunt for the changing forecast.

Consider wellies and umbrellas for the wet days or if it’s really bad then have an alternative route planned indoors too.

If you organise an easter egg hunt in your garden then do share your photos with Keder Greenhouse on social media.