Top Quality Domestic Greenhouse Design Structures

Keder Greenhouse specialize in providing a domestic Greenhouse Design, tailored to your growing requirements. Our top specification Greenhouse Design, Build and Installation solutions offer a unique experience, built upon total strength, durability and reliability.

As pioneers in outdoor growing environment solutions, our endless range of Greenhouse Design options provide a cost effective, low maintenance, energy efficient and extremely long-life product. Our unique and unbeatable Keder Greenhouses are designed and built using super strength Keder Polydress cladding, which will provide you with quality performance. 

Take a look at the illustration below to see how our durable Keder Cladding is constructed to ensure unbeatable protection for your crops.

Greenhouse Design

Whatever Greenhouse Design you require, our professional and dedicated team can design, build and install (if required) your new build to suit. Each project is tailored to your exact outdoor specification, to ensure a truly functional, outstanding project.

If you are looking for Commercial Greenhouse Design solutions, please visit our Commercial range for further information.


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