Top Quality Greenhouse Accessories for Custom Designs

A variety of Greenhouse growing accessories for your specific gardening requirements

When you want to grow all year round, catering to your crops from seedlings to full grown plants or vegetables, you will need a high quality greenhouse construction with robust greenhouse accessories to suit you. The right combination of accessories and fittings provide the opportunity for you to create your own personalised, perfect growing environment.

What Greenhouse Accessories are available?

The internal layout of your greenhouse will take some careful consideration. Our range of Greenhouse Accessories allow you to create an efficient space to achieve your growing potential and maximise the results from your greenhouse. 



All Keder Greenhouses are equipped with a rear vent, which opens outwards to allow rainwater to slide off and keep your crops protected. We also provide additional ventilation (roof vents), which we would recommend to be included for every 4 meter of greenhouse length. The ventilation system is automatic and operates on a wax-filled seal, so no electricity is required.

Greenhouse crop Rails, Staging and Roof Vent Accessories

Greenhouse Staging

Our range of slatted staging, has been designed to make it easier for you to turn your greenhouse into a well-equipped, unique outdoor area for growth and display of your crops. The Keder Greenhouse staging has been pre-treated, for extra longevity and low maintenance. For the 4 meter wide greenhouse range, we provide upper and lower staging to suit your growing needs. For the 2 meter and 3 meter wide greenhouse designs, we provide lower staging and shelving. 


Crop Rails

Crop rails are available for a huge range of plants that may require additional support, for example tomatoes or cucumber. The Keder Greenhouse crop rails are available in 2 meter lengths, to suit the design and style of your greenhouse.

Our Extreme Bracing Kit is of huge benefit in extreme weather locations. Offering additional wind resistance, the Keder Greenhouse bracing kit is fully load bearing, which means that it can also be used as crop rails.


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