Gardening trends for 2019

Gardening trends for 2019

As we all prepare for the year ahead, here at Keder Greenhouse, we wanted to reflect on what might be the top gardening trends of 2019. Here’s what we are predicting...

Grow your own

There are many reasons why people will flock to the seed rack to pick up a pack in 2019.

In our last blog (Why gardening is becoming a hobby for the young) we talked about the fact that the younger generation wants a sense of ownership. As many young adults are living with parents for longer because the cost of living is high then they will seek other ways of feeling independent.

Another reason for growing your own is becoming trendy is our uncertainty around Brexit. Around 40% of vegetables and 37% of fruit sold in the UK comes from the EU (source: GrowlikeGrandad). From worrying about supply to worrying about rising prices, people are turning to their own gardens to grow their own produce.

Climate gardening

We can no longer rely on predicting the weather by seasons in the UK. We have extreme hot temperatures that scorch our land and biting frosts that cause blisters in our gardening efforts.

We have had to learn to adapt to the unpredictability of mother nature. One way people are coping with the ever-changing forecast is to invest in an undercover solution. Here at Keder Greenhouses, our unique Kederbahn bubble plastic greenhouses can withstand all weather types.

Keder structures provide fully diffused light, no shadowing, and strength which can withstand the winds of the Falkland Islands, the snows of the Scottish Highlands, and the soaring summer temperatures of mainland Europe.

As the new generation show a passion for our planet, more than any previous generation, if there are any actions that can have a positive impact on climate then they will get behind it.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) often promotes gardening as a way of beating climate change.

Gardening can help control temperatures in urban areas, prevent flooding by absorbing rainwater, provide homes for our wildlife and providing physical exercise for us all (Source: MyClimateChangeGarden).

Gardening hobby

By 2030, anxiety will be the number one health issue, outranking obesity (source: World Health Organisation). More and more people are taking ‘digital detox’ holidays. They are pruning their screen time to find some ‘me’ time.

Design for social

Planning where and how you will plant in your garden has always been a big topic for gardeners. But the wave of social media worthy photos, the design of your gardening is even more important.

So, from planting plants with complementary colours near one another to buying gardening accessories. Design for your garden is becoming key for social media notoriety.

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