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Enthusiastic Gardeners

We are manufacturers, designers and installers of high specification greenhouses. Whether it is for the commercial grower or the enthusiastic gardener, our quality is always of the highest standard.

The Keder Cladding System

Our greenhouses are clad using the unique Bubble Keder Polydress, 9 layer laminate plastic system, which is safer, lower maintenance and more cost effective than traditional glass, while it is also far stronger and more durable than standard Polytunnels. This is an ideal solution when your consideration may need to be children, pets and extreme-climate conditions as experienced in the outer Hebridean islands.


All of our Keder Cladding is supplied with a 10-year guarantee against ultraviolet degradation. Keder greenhouses are also modular, so they can be expanded either by width or length as your growing needs alter.

Tailored Domesic Greenhouses

Our Domestic range caters for virtually every size garden. Many customers order the 2 metre and 3 metre Kederhouses in DIY Kit form, following the detailed assembly manual and DVD with great success. Alternatively, your greenhouse may be built by our professional construction team. From the Falkland Islands and remote Hebridean crofts to the Spanish hills, Keder Greenhouses are built with care and to last.

Keder Greenhouses have survived the weather in some of the most extreme environments around the British Isles for over 20 years. Keder Greenhouse is approved by the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA), (now known as Ryton organic Gardens), the Eden project, many professional gardeners and chefs and have also featured on the BBC Gardeners World programme and Tern Television’s Beachgrove Gardens.

Colin Moore (MD, Owner), as a grower himself and from a horticultural background, understands the need to nurture and protect crops from the elements, whist extending where possible the growing seasons. The design of our gardener range was created by Colin to ensure ample headroom for a comfortable working environment. One of the things he found when trying to work in other structures was that head height had not been fully considered. Our range, therefore, gives a minimum internal height of over 2 meters (7’ 2’’). Colin and his team are constantly investigating ways of developing the Keder Greenhouse system to further enhance areas such as this and to achieve the optimum growing environment.