The environment provided by a Keder Greenhouse is ideal for crops to grow. The design of a Keder Greenhouse helps the grower as the greenhouse diffuses sunlight, manages ventilation, maintains warmth and deals with humidity. Get the balance of these factors right and the crops with flourish, not only improving the crop yield but also the quality of your produce.

Compared to the competition, a Keder Greenhouse provides the best growing environment. Balancing the key factors to ensure that plants and crops can thrive.

Designed with growing in mind, the Keder range of greenhouses covers sizes from 2m wide (2m to 10m long) and 3m wide (2m to 16m long), both are covered in our Gardener Range. Beyond this is our Grower range, which is available in 4m wide (4m to 20m long). Both the Gardener and Grower ranges are not only strong, durable and wind resistant they are all very low maintenance.


Keder Greenhouses are located throughout the UK, not just the mainland but many remote islands, as this case study from a customer on Uist highlights.

As the leading greenhouse manufacturer in the UK, with over 25 years experience, Keder Greenhouse provides the best environments for your plants and crops to grow and thrive. With installations throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond our customers are delighted with their purchase. Aside from the Gardener and Grower range Keder also supply large commercial greenhouses.

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  • DIY Install only available on the 2m and 3m width ranges