The ventilation system within any greenhouse plays a vital role in plant health and crop production. As standard, all of our Keder Greenhouse commercial builds include manual outer wall vents, to maintain environmental conditions and plant growth, with proper air circulation.

Greenhouse Ventilation for Optimum Growing

The Keder Greenhouse side ventilation system operates via a manual gearbox and is designed to be simple, efficient and maintenance free. The vent operates on a bob weight system, dropping down from gutter level, providing a maximum opening of 1,300mm. This effectively enables airflow high up where it is needed most and minimises the potential for wind damage to crops. If your desired greenhouse is of a triple span or greater, a central roof vent system can also be incorporated into the design, if required. 

Efficient Ventilation Systems

These greenhouse vents can be upgraded with the addition of electric thermostatic control units, which are designed to be simple in operation and use. Each unit operates independently, opening and closing a single vent, relative to your desired temperature. The control of the uni it totally programmable to set response and delay times, as well as varying stages of opening and closing.

For further details on our ventilation systems for commercial greenhouse builds, or to discuss your vent requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us today.