As a family business reviews are very important to us, we really appriciate the feedback we get from our customer throught England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and surrounding Islands, including: Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Falklands, and many others.

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Following the recent storms (Dudley, Eunice & Franklin) across the UK, we have had some great comments from customers, here is just a small selection:


Michele & Peter C, Aberystwyth (1.5 miles from the coast on a hill side), 21st February 2022

"On Friday (18th Feb) we were hit by storm Eunice. Our neighbour lost two fence panels and there was a very loud crash as their glass greenhouse crumpled into a smashed heap. Our Keder Greenhouse was erected in December and has survived storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin all in one week. We live in Aberystwyth and there’s lots of other wind damage and big trees that have come down nearby. Recently we lost another fence panel due to Franklin. I’m very glad to say that our new Keder Greenhouse has survived everything with no damage at all, glad we chose it. We can see through the broken fence into our neighbours garden at their broken greenhouse.  They are now thinking of getting a greenhouse like ours, a Keder Greenhouse.


Isobel & Nick P, Hillside in Devon, England, 21st February 2022

"Good Morning. We are now in the midst of Storm Franklin. Storm Eunice arrived in full force and hitting us hard on our exposed hillside in Devon. Winds Roof tiles were blown off, a garden room window blown in, garden seats blown over, and no electricity for most of the day, but our newly installed Keder Greenhouse stood the test with only the west facing air vent flapping slightly. Thank you for such a brilliant installation."


Gill T, Isle of Leis, Hebrides, Scotland, 21st February 2022

"Hi. Just to let you know that my Keder was absolutely fine during the storms of a couple of weeks ago when we were having wind gusts of up to 95 mph. I live on the Isle of Lewis where many people had damage to roofs, sheds, polytunnels and caravans. Storm Eunice last weekend was not up as far as us  but I would have been confident that the Keder was able to withstand the winds. We are 300 yds from the shore and very exposed." 


Patricia T, Devon, England, 21st February 2022

"Hello, You installed my lovely Keder greenhouse May 2021. After storm Eunice ( we had winds of 122 mph) i can very happily say there is no damage or tearing of the plastic at all. Very impressed. Thank you" 


Sue F, Mumbles, South Wales, 24th February 2022

"In Mumbles we got absolutely battered - up to 87mph, and not below 50-60mph for several days.  Trees all over Swansea (and our fences on both sides) came down, but the Keder appears completely unaffected.  In fact it is actually holding the (very heavy) end fence up, until the fencing contractor arrives.

We bought the Keder precisely for this reason - our garden is near-coastal, faces west and is set down from the Gower Peninsula, so we get raging winds down the garden very often.  It was 100% worth it; it has never even flinched!"



Other reviews and commens fro Keder Greenhouse customers:

Vicky G, Northamptonshire, England, 16th February 2021

"I LOVE MY KEDER BEST PURCHASE EVER. With the thermal insulation and light qualities are beyond compare. With the winter sun on it, mine read a top temperature of 33° today. You can't beat it. Worth every penny. 💖💖💖"


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