Keder greenhouses are proud to be working in partnership with the RHS this year, on their Campaign for School Gardening. See our news page for details or click here to be taken directly to the RHS news article.

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Welcome to Keder Greenhouses, the specialist builders of protected growing environments using the unique Kederbahn bubble plastic and rail system. This cost effective alternative to traditional glasshouses is not only safer, but long lasting, while it is also stronger and more durable than poly tunnels.

Keder Greenhouses provide fully diffused light, no shadowing, and strength which can withstand the winds of the Falkland Islands, the snows of the Scottish Highlands, and the soaring summer temperatures of mainland Europe.


Professional growers and nurserymen used Keder Greenhouses to minimise wind damage, achieve 50% better heat retention than glass, yet provide high airflow to encourage growth. Keder Greenhouse cladding is guaranteed against ultra violet breakdown for at least 10 years, and requires virtually no maintenance. Because of the modular structure, users can expand their growing area according to their business requirements.

An internal headroom of 2.3m as standard provides easy working conditions, with the option of additional staging to maximise the return from the area in use. Sizes range from 4m x 4 m and multiple additions of 2 m in length, to professional growing houses covering an area equivalent to several football pitches.

With a domed roof, optional drop down side ventilation systems, and a choice of door options, the versatile nature of Keder Houses means that they are also used as garden centre shops, canopies and walkways, and swimming pool enclosures.


As more people are growing their own vegetables, for reasons of taste, environment, convenience, or just for show, so they want to extend the outdoor season, propagate earlier, and harvest their crops when they choose. Domestic Kederhouses provide diffused light and ensure heat retaining properties to help the keen gardener produced excellent results season after season.

With all the features of a full sized commercial Keder Greenhouse, the domestic range starts from just 2m x 2m- there’s room for that size in almost every garden. The robust structure and steel tubular construction provides dependable strength, which is also safe for pets and children.

Available in a range of sizes, either in kit form, or built by our professional construction team, Keder greenhouses have been surviving the weather around the UK for more than twenty years. Keder Greenhouses are approved by the Henry Doubleday Research Association [HDRA], the Eden Project, many professional gardeners and chefs, and have featured on the BBC Gardeners’ World  programme and Jamie Oliver’s Dream School.